What are the documents required to apply for Panama Seaman Book or CDC for Engineers ?

  • Complete Application form (Attached document)
  • 8 Color Photos 3 x 3 cm
  • Company letter, with position request, signature and stamp
  • Valid Passport copy (valid for 6 months)
  • Current Discharge book or experience certificate
  • Endorsement Certificate with STCW 95 convention Reg. I/2 from the applicant’s country
  • Reg I/10 Valid certificate of competency with STCW
  • Security Awareness Training Certificate + Course Endorsement
  • Current dated Original Panama Medical certificate with all details duly filled , seal, signature, date and license Number of the Doctor
  • Valid 4 Basic courses certificates.( Personal Survival Techniques, Elementary First Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities)



About Seaman's Support Filing Services

Contact us for Assistance with Filing your New / Renewal Seaman's Book / CDC / Flag State Title Endorsements Contact us for Filing New and Renewal Seaman Discharge Book / CDC of Liberian, Panama, Palau, St Kitts and Nevis flag for most ranks (Offshore, Oil and Gas Positions, Shipping, Passenger Cruiselines) service all over India Telp + 91-9821658176 (Watzapp) or Email at seamanbookfiling@gmail.com
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2 Responses to What are the documents required to apply for Panama Seaman Book or CDC for Engineers ?

  1. rameshwar says:

    Am Rameshawar
    To apply Panama CDC end
    Monthly 10
    Please request costing rate send my mail id
    Mobile no 8767076466

  2. 1 year says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I’m recommending from one of my friend who works in UAE as a seaman. And he suggests me to take the continuous discharge certificate (CDC).
    It’s the essential document while on any voyage or ships.so I kindly request to you to how can I get the CDC .
    Waiting for you quick response.
    Thank you.

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