What are the documents required for Evaluation of Belize CoC ?

We can assist you with the filing/ processing of Belize Certificate of Competency.

In order to commence with the assessment process and to evaluate the competence of the officers the following documents must be submitted

  • Copy of Certificates of Competency, Seaman Home Country Licenses (Colour PDF Format)
  • Copy of STCW 78/95 Certificates (Colour PDF Format)
  • Copy of Sea Service records (Colour PDF Format)
  • Home country continuous discharge book or Seaman’s book showing experience of minimum one year or two in case of upgrade of COC for Master and Chief Engineer
  • Formal letters of companies / employers proving sea experience; showing capacity served on board, periods of service, tonnage, KW and type of vessel, may be accepted. (Colour PDF Format)
  • Copy of valid passport at least 6months prior to the expiration date (Colour PDF Format)
  • High resolution ID digital colors photos 3×3 cm. (Colour JPG Format)
  • Medical Certificate valid. Not older than 24 months (Colour PDF Format)
  • Depending on each case additional documentation may be requested.

After evaluation of presented documents, process of assessment completed, confirmation from the administration of issuance and payment of relevant fees, certificate of competency (COC) and seaman’s book together with corresponding certificates for officers under the STCW Convention 1995 as amended will be issued.

Once the documentation has been received and approved, and the specific fees are received the application process starts. The hard cover license is issued within working 2-3 Days time.




About Seaman's Support Filing Services

Contact us for Assistance with Filing your New / Renewal Seaman's Book / CDC / Flag State Title Endorsements Contact us for Filing New and Renewal Seaman Discharge Book / CDC of Liberian, Panama, Palau, St Kitts and Nevis flag for most ranks (Offshore, Oil and Gas Positions, Shipping, Passenger Cruiselines) service all over India Telp + 91-9821658176 (Watzapp) or Email at seamanbookfiling@gmail.com
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